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Help Save the Premium Cigar Industry!

Mission Pipe Shop is the oldest continuous purveyor  of fine cigars, tobacco and smoking accessories in San Jose. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mission Pipe Shop has been serving North & South Bay customers for over 45 years. Our  original location was the old Town & Country Village shopping center, where we lived happily until we were torn down in 2000. We have been at our present location on The Alameda for the past 10 years.

If you are ever in the area, stop by and say hello. We are known for our friendly and competent staff. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge and good humor, our staff is what makes your trip to Mission Pipe Shop a pleasurable experience.

Thank you for visiting our site and Keep Smoking.

- Donna Brown

Help Save the Premium Cigar Industry!


PROVIDE YOUR FEEDBACK TO THE FDA: The FDA has proposed legislation that may decimate the cigar industry. This is your chance to be heard!

The threat to individuals who enjoy premium cigars and the small businesses that are the backbone of the industry is very real:

  • Pending Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations could cripple the premium cigar industry by banning walk-in humidors, defacing or covering cigar box artwork, and requiring manufacturers to submit their blends for “testing” before they can be sold
  • 48 states have enacted cigar taxes, with rates of up to 75% in some states
  • All 50 states have some form of smoking ban and more restrictive legislation is being debated in town halls and state houses across the country

View the cigar industry’s political organization Cigar Right’s of America to read more, and get linked to regulations.gov, where you can submit your comments to the FDA. All comments must be submitted by July 9th. 2014.


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