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AJ Talks Pipe Tobacco Blending

aj 03 300On a cool spring day in San Jose AJ, a long time pipe smoker and in-house blending expert, stands at Mission Pipe Shop's tobacco bench working on his latest creation. He makes notes in a decades old receipt book as small batches of his latest blend are mixed together and labeled for tasting. This new blend is not for him; rather it’s for a customer whose favorite mix has been forever discounted due to availability issues of a key aromatic.

Any real pipe smoker will tell you that losing your favorite blend is like losing a friend. That’s what this customer was recounting as he desperately searched for a substitute. Little did he know that AJ has matched and created custom blends for Mission Pipe customers over the years that were faced with just such a dilemma.

aj 02 300After talking with the customer about the flavor and composition profile of the discounted pipe tobacco AJ quickly put together several new custom blends that closely matched the original. After several batches and tastings AJ has the new replacement blend dialed in for the customer. We are just waiting to collaborate on the new name and this blend will be made available to all our customers. Stay tuned...

If you are looking to try something new or would like to know what might mix well with your favorite tobacco please stop by the shop and talk with AJ. He has a page in our receipt book with your name on it!

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